Now that I’m finishing up the Flatiron School’s software engineering program, I thought I’d share some of the challenges along the way and how I’ve learned to address them:

In an ideal world, every coding project would begin with a specific, achievable…

Developers are frequently tasked with displaying large amounts of data in easily-digestible charts, graphs, or other visuals. There are many steps involved in retrieving that data from the back-end environment and translating it into a format the front-end can understand and display. Here, I’ll summarize how I created a simple…

a squirrel reading a newspaper article about squirrels, in german
After a short-lived excursion into the central park squirrel census, I decided on a more practical app for retrieving today’s New York Times headlines and exploring summaries of their content. get the simple stuff down first. image source

The goal was simple: create a command line interface app that allows users to search and explore the data in an API endpoint. With all the options available, it should come as a surprise that my first choice was New York’s 2018 Central Park Squirrel census —which (apparently) collected information…

Ian Cossentino

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